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Thursday, 2 May 2019

How To Do A Heelflip On A Fingerboard

How To Do A Heelflip On A Fingerboard

How To Do A Heelflip On A Fingerboard


To perform the ollie, slap backside the tail together with your own center or even ring finger(goofie) and also it may pop-up. Whilst in the air, slide your index finger to the nose area to stage this specific out. Notice: This might not really perform at 1st. In case this really is the case try out winding back 1st to finish this particular technique.

Fakie Ollie

The fakie ollie is actually a variance of the ollie in which usually instead of leveling out the board you move backside in the path of the tail. Notice: This particular technique may perhaps need the scraping off of the grip tape along with a razorblade to create it sticky. In case you might have noticed the Fingertips of Fury video 1 of the folks has his particular board such as that.


A nollie is actually a bunch just like the ollie except for instead of hitting the actual tail, you actually strike the nose instead and also move from there.

Fakie Nollie

The actual exact same as the fakie ollie except you're moving foward and also are moving straight down along with the nose. Look at the note above below fakie ollie in case you're getting difficulty.


Basically the exact same like a 180 ollie, except you should press a lot tough on the tail, therefore the board moves all around 2 1/2 moments all around (5 in case in increments of 180 moves). it performs perfect while you have got a bunch of air, however may be mastered on smooth land.

Ollie North

Begin off as an ollie. And then turn your own hands to the left side thus that the board is actually straight up. After that land properly. Be aware this is often complicated.


Begin off as an ollie kickflip and then let move of the board one time it has performed a full kickflip and then land like a Nose Manually operated. It truly is really difficult at 1st however always keep attempting and also trying.


Perform an ollie(look at above) however instead of keeping the board upon your own fingertips like in over allow it flip around a single of you fingertips such as a switch simply along with you finger inside the center (nose over tail) and also land it. (i have personally read of a single man or woman just who uses his pinky and also has known as it a pinky improbable).

Finger Flip

Lots such as its cousin the unattainable except for apply your own ring finger moving inside the reverse path sideways along with the board, hang on for the board to return all-around your own finger rotating 360 levels. Get the board along with your individual pointer finger, switch the board straight and also land it.

Shove it

Perform an ollie(look at above) and also pull your own middle finger(typical) or perhaps ring(goofie) towards your self. The board really should turn 180 levels wheels straight down after that you actually land it.

360 Shove it

A variant of the Shove-it(over) simply switch the board 360 degrees instead of 180. You are able to try out this particular strategy along with a 540, 720 and also perhaps possibly even larger than that. NOTICE: Maybe you have to pop a truly higher ollie in order to obtain a few of the higher turn shove its.


You actually ride the board back along with your center(typical) or maybe ring(goofie) on the part you're really going in.

Sex Change

To perform the sex switch begin along with a kick-flip turn your own hand and so you actually swap finger placements.

Hard Flip

To perform the hardflip press the backside of the board straight down along with your middle(typical) or perhaps your own ring(goofie) finger (right after performing the ollie). Just before the board can get perpendicular to the ground add more a fifty percent a heelflip. For those of you that will own tony hawk it really is below the technique lessons segment and also can easily provide you a significantly better strategy. Summed up it is generally 1 / 2 a backflip and also a heelflip.

Double Back

A variation of the hardflip, perform a hardflip two times.

Pressure Flip

The same to the hardflip and also the ollie. Start just like this specific: perform an ollie however if you're leveling it out kick the tail lower to obtain the board in turning such as the hardflip after that land it the exact same method.

1 wheela

A 1 wheela is actually accurately exactly what the identify is actually you ride it on a single wheel.


Press down on the nose or even tail, the board really should now simply be on a single truck (ensure nose or perhaps tail certainly is not striking ground even though) move inside the path of the tail or even nose for a frontside and also go inside the opposing way for a backslide.


1st punch the board way up. You can actually apply an ollie to begin it off. Have it a very little much less rather than a 90 level angle to the ground, after that rotate the board by putting in your index finger that will you and also land it.

Varial Kickflip

A cross among a pop shove it and also a kickflip, begin along with a shove it(notice over in case you do not fully understand exactly what it is actually) yet pull your own fingers in(like noticed over) to obtain the kickflip portion in. look at the board like its flips and also moves and also hang on until it gets to the level you began in, hold tape up. This specific technique farely hard therefore perhaps it will get a few a while to obtain the timing down along with the landing.


A cousin of the kickflip perform the exact same begin like the the kickflip however rather of pulling your individual pointer to you, kick it out by simply type of placing the nail of your individual pointer finger towards the edge of the board nearest to you and also pushing out and so the board moves away from you.

Varial Heelflip

Generally just like the varial kick flip over, you begin out the similar along with a shove it, however instead of flicking in flick out to obtain inside the heelflip. After that land it the exact same along with grip tape up.


This particular technique needs and also soft vertical surface area. Rise on it and also return back and also forth along with the fingerboard perpendicular to the surface.

Board Twitch

To finish this particular strategy begin along with an ollie or perhaps obtain a few mad air off a ramp. Twitch the board a bit 1 way after that twitch it backside the primary placement after that land it.

Walk the Dog

To “walk the dog” pivot the board 180 degrees along with you tail finger and also turn your own finger position.

Reverse Walk the Dog

Perform the the 1st portion of walk the dog after that for the 2nd change go to the opposing end of the board and also switch the opposing way. Read More

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